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BUMA Heavy Duty

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To further enhance the capabilities of our BUMA camera in the most remote and extreme environments, we are proud to offer the BUMA in a heavy-duty version. The BUMA Heavy Duty offers all of the core features of the standard BUMA, such as SD, HD or UHD camera cores, internal and external infrared options, H.264 compression stream, advanced DSP technology, WDR, and its distinct tube-shaped design. What truly set the BUMA Heavy Duty apart are its uniquely rugged capabilities.

The heavy-duty aluminum housing is almost twice the size of the standard BUMA, which allows for additional features to be incorporated directly into the camera head. The heavy-duty head has a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of local power independent from additional power system options, a minimum of 1TB of internal storage, WiFi hotspot capabilities, and two separate encoders, one that records locally and one that sends information to the server room. We make securing even the most remote inhospitable environments possible.

The BUMA Heavy Duty housing has an IP rating of 68, making it completely waterproof and has an IK10 impact rating. As an added layer of protection in areas of conflict and/or civil unrest, the heavy duty head features composite inlays and specialized glass for a ballistic resistant and external explosion resistant system.


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