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An Introduction to the REKKS Smart Pole System

The REKKS Smart Pole System (SPS) embodies our philosophy of security through design.  A completely modular format puts the customer in control, giving him the power to build a completely customized surveillance and protection solution – module by module.

The patent pending smart pole concept goes beyond traditional visual surveillance capabilities and lives up to the promise of its name – the Smart Pole System. By directly incorporating into the pole such options as environmental gas sensors, audio and visual panorama modules, security barriers, off-grid power with rechargeable battery back-ups, and a server with complete command center functionality, the pole becomes an advanced, independent tool.

Please explore the module categories below to learn more about the available SPS options.

The Smart Pole System Modules

Head Modules
Each of our Signature Series cameras is designed for optimal integration into the smart pole design.
Illumination Modules
Several illumination options are available to provide optimal picture quality in any lighting condition.
Intelligent Pan Modules
To provide complete field surveillance a pan module is offered for continuous 360-degree pan. Two distinct models are offered to meet different weight load and power requirements.

Display Modules

Traditional or UHD LCD color displays can be used to to display meeting and event schedule updates, in airports for the latest departure and arrival information, and to communicate emergency messages and alerts.
Panorama Modules
For comprehensive area surveillance, the panorama modules can provide sustained 360-degree surveillance and illumination
Audio Broadcast Modules
A speaker and microphone offer the ability to broadcast and record audio information.
Environmental Sensor Modules
Several module options enable safe and remote access to complete environmental conditions.
External Accessory Module with Attachments
This multifunctional base mount expands the capabilities of the system and allows for seamless integration of external and 3rd party modules.
Network Modules
Capitalizing on its modular design, the Smart Pole System can fully integrate complete control room functionality, making it the first independently contained, cloud-based security system.
Power Modules
With power management and storage modules, the Smart Pole System can generate and store power in all types of environments.
Connectivity Modules
Central Command modules work in tandem with Power Modules for power and data input and management.
Base Modules
Flexible base modules allow for quick set up and installation in all terrains.

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