The Security Of Everything

REKKS Systems for Smart Protection And Control

Born from m_PAC’s uniquely modular approach to security, the REKKS Systems for Smart Protection And Control are the first to offer truly modular and comprehensive protection in outdoor perimeter and personal surveillance systems for infrastructures, humans, animals, vehicles and mobile security.

Our REKKS Systems embody our philosophy of security through design.  The patent pending smart pole concept goes beyond traditional visual surveillance capabilities and lives up to the promise of its name – the Smart Pole System (SPS). The SPS stacks individual modules such as a camera, a weather station, hazardous material detectors, an integrated server and mobile data connection, and off-grid power sources in our unique pole design to offer security and surveillance solutions in almost any environment.

Building upon the modular design of the SPS, we offer the patent pending Personal Surveillance System (PSS) and K-9 Surveillance System (KSS) with wearable modules, equipping the wearer with advanced surveillance capabilities and allowing the wearer to become a mobile, integrated, information center. The SPS and PSS modules are also capable of complete vehicle integration for mobile security and surveillance needs.