The Security Of Everything

Customized Product Options

Our product portfolio features a modular concept that embodies our philosophy of security through design. Our completely modular format puts our customers in control, giving them the power to build a completely customized surveillance and protection solution – module by module.

Our modular format extends beyond basic camera core selections to include housing materials and colors suited for the installation environment. m_PAC offers options its customers available no where else on the market, including ballistic resistant housings, color and camouflage wraps, complete carbon fiber systems, corrosion resistant housings for extreme environments, and integration of off-grid renewable energy sources.  Customers become empowered to focus on achieving a solution, not just settling for a product.


Ballistic Resistant Materials



We have added another composite, Kevlar, to our materials portfolio. As an added layer of protection in areas of conflict and/or civil unrest, the BUMA Heavy Duty head, part of the SPS, features composite inlays and specialized glass for a ballistic resistant and explosion proof system. In addition to Kevlar inlays, the BUMA Heavy Duty is available with a ballistic resistant glass window allowing internal components and surveillance feeds to maintain uninterrupted operation in the event of ballistic impact.

The Central Command Base Module of the PSS and KSS systems also feature Kevlar, providing durable and ballistic resistant housing without any interference with electronic component communications.  We make it possible to secure the most sensitive targets and the most remote, inhospitable environments.

Camouflage and Color



We believe that a system’s appearance and integration into its surrounding environment are core considerations when building a customized, modular system. We offer several unique color options for each of our products. 

We offer the Complete REKKS SPS standard in either black or white, however a camouflage wrap is also offered. Available in desert, marine, forest or arctic camouflage patterns, the wrap provides added protection to the housing materials for extended system longevity and provides a more natural integration into the system’s installation environment.

Carbon Fiber



Rapidly gaining in popularity in the automotive, aerospace, and sports industries, carbon fiber is making a home in the security industry. The lightweight, durable and protective features of carbon fiber allow for lighter weight mounted cameras, extended functional life of motorized components, superior protection against external forces, and a supremely sleek design.

m_PAC offers the complete REKKS Smart Perimeter System (SPS) in carbon fiber housing. Modules offered in carbon fiber are protected from outdoor deterioration with a durable UV protective clear coat. For increased module longevity and material integrity, the carbon fiber modules are offered with an exterior wrap.  The wrap is available in several colors, including four different pixelated camouflage patterns for more subtle integration at the point of installation and additional protection against weather and environmental hazards.

Extreme Environment Housings


To complement our off-grid, long range and extreme environments products we offer a wide range of protective housings. The Extreme and Rugged Collection incorporates both dome and outdoor PTZ housings designed for operation in extreme environments. Available options for these housings include: dust tight housing, pressurized housing, explosion resistant housing, internal temperature regulation, UV protection, corrosion resistant stainless steel, an Ingress Protection rating of 67, and an IK10 impact rating.

In addition, the REKKS Smart Pole System is available in either anodized aluminum or carbon fiber, with an optional color or camouflage protective wrap. For maritime applications, either system is available with a corrosion resistant exterior coating. The SPS can also be equipped with internal heating and cooling so that the internal operating temperature remains within recommended values.

Off-Grid Solutions



Efficiency and sustainability are core principles guiding our product development and manufacturing.  m_PAC takes great effort to protect and secure not only installation sites, but also their surrounding environments. Green technologies such as solar and wind power can be integrated into all of our out-door products, removing the reliance on any kind of power grid and making them especially attractive for long range and remote use and control. In addition to solar and wind power systems, we offer a battery pole connector that features a rechargeable battery to bridge power loss or periods of inclement weather and ensure uninterrupted power. For installation sites with less predictable weather conditions or where more than one power option is suitable the available power options can be combined into a hybrid power system.