The Security Of Everything

Materials and Finish

Our high grade aluminum housings are treated to withstand harsh environmental conditions and corrosion. The lightweight metal is durable and provides superior protection for the internal components.

As a way to further protect the internal components of our carbon fiber products as well as provide discrete surveillance options, we offer 4 camouflage film options for complete environment integration: arctic, forest, marine, and desert. The camouflage film helps to extend the life of the product by protecting the exterior, reflecting heat, and providing insulation in cooler environments.

Carbon Fiber
Among its many advantages, carbon fiber has very high strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios, is significantly lighter than steel and aluminum, offers high rigidity, is among the most corrosion resistant materials available, is an excellent conductor of electricity and demonstrates superior fatigue properties. In addition, carbon fiber’s low thermal expansion properties prevent significant expansion, shrinkage, or warping when exposed to large or repeated temperatures changes.

Components designed for portable and/or mobile use are offered with a protective case in which system components can be secured during travel.

Corrosion Resistant Materials
For marine applications, our housing is offered in marine grade aluminum and/or coated carbon fiber to protect against corrosion and internal component damage.

Glass Color
In combination with housing color selections, we offer several color choices for dome and window glass components. Our standard material finishes include traditional clear, tinted, and reflective, with the option for customized colors upon request.

Our wearable modules are compatible with universal helmet side rails for easy integration and transferability.

Housing Color
To offer more flexibility in housing colors, we offer our aluminum housed products in three colors: white, silver or standard black. Additional color options can be accommodated by our team upon request.

Mixed Media
In some instances one size does not fit all for housing materials. In response to unique product attributes, several of our products feature a combination of housing materials - our hybrid solution for optimized external protection. Our mixed media housing incorporates combinations of aluminum, carbon fiber, corrosion resistant stainless steel, Kevlar, and polycarbonate plastic.

Wearable components in both our PSS and KSS have clip and pouch attachments that are directly compatible with Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) systems for simple and seamless integration.

A soft, fitted pouch is available for PSS and VSS modules for added protection between uses and during transport.

Utility Belt
PSS components have clip and pouch attachments that are directly compatible with most standard utility belts.