The Security Of Everything

Concepts and Technology

The BUMA Series camera is our answer to outdoor surveillance for even the most remote and undeveloped areas. This weatherproof IP camera is a uniquely designed stand-alone system, available with off-grid power solutions and vandal-proof housing. It can serve your special security needs in remote, exposed, and unfriendly environments while providing crystal clear images in nearly all lighting conditions.

Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber fabrics are formed when very fine strands made up of carbon atoms are gathered together to form much a thicker strand or tow, which can then be woven together to create a fabric. When treated with resin and heat cured, the carbon fiber fabric transforms into an extremely durable, lightweight, and rigid material. The unique properties and comparative advantages of carbon fiber have lead to it quickly becoming a preferred material across a number of industrial applications. Among its many notable advantages, carbon fiber has very high strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios, is significantly lighter than steel and aluminum, offers high rigidity when combined with resin and molded, is among the most corrosion resistant materials available, is an excellent conductor of electricity, and demonstrates superior fatigue properties. In addition, carbon fiber’s low thermal expansion properties prevent significant expansion, shrinkage, or warping when exposed to large or repeated temperatures changes.  All of these benefits are incorporated into our new carbon fiber housing - just another way m_PAC provides our customers with the latest technology and most advanced capabilities in security and surveillance.

Long Range
The BUMA camera series’ long distance broadband system can operate and communicate data at distances of up to 32km. With point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setup, the system provides full flexibility and can minimize costly construction. Highly secure data encryption guarantees safe real data flow through the network. This option offers a safe, stable and cost effective network setup, which is flexible and operational in all terrains and environments. Connection via optional integrated optical fiber facilitates direct connection to the fiber cable, can eliminate the need for an extra junction box, and can extend the range up to 20 km. 

Cameras equipped with our long distance broadband system can communicate real data at distances of up to 32km and preventing costly construction efforts. Operating in the frequency range of 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ, this wireless solution is license-free. With point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setup, the system provides full flexibility, and a highly secure data encryption guarantees a safe real data flow through the network. This option offers a safe, stable and cost effective network setup, which is flexible and operational in all terrains and environments.

Revolutionary Design
m_PAC takes pride in occupying its own niche in the security industry. Our products are breaking ground at every turn and we are excited to share these breakthroughs with our customers. Our designs are sleek – we combine simplistic and modern designs, use innovative materials, and incorporate the latest technologies with alternative energy power generation. Our technology is cutting edge - we offer our customers some of the most advanced security and surveillance capabilities available in the world. Our team is responsive - we work with each of our customers to tailor a security system that meets their precise needs, modifying products and offerings when applicable. Our products are revolutionary.

Vandal Proof
Our outdoor cameras feature IP68 housing that provides protection against extreme weather conditions, tampering, and vandalism. Further, our cameras are capable of both centralized and decentralized data recording, allowing our cameras to remain functional and continue recording locally through any attempts at tampering.

Zoom Lens
Our outdoor cameras are designed to surpass the competition by offering long-range zoom capabilities without compromising quality. Our Signature Series cameras are available with up to 40x continuous optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, allowing users to target small, distant objects and produce a clear and focused image. For more distant targets, external optics attachments enable up to a 55x motorized optical zoom. Each camera has a digital zoom image stabilizer activated automatically with zoom, minimizing the appearance of shaky images caused by low-frequency vibrations. Advanced DSP technology is also used to enhance picture quality in nearly all lighting conditions, including low light and high contrast environments.