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Camera Features

2D/3D Noise Reduction
This new technology captures low noise images even in low light environments, eliminating image blur and offering spatial noise reduction in video frames. It also reduces the image’s frame size to facilitate quick transmission and minimize storage space requirements.
512 GB Local Storage

The heavy-duty head has 512 GB of internal solid state storage, and two separate video streams - one that is stored locally and one that transmits to the command center.
Area Illumination
Ground illumination capability can be a priceless asset. We offer a spotlight module that can be activated when ground illumination is needed. The compact light features highly efficient LED lights that provide up to 900 lumens at over 90 lumens/watt, with a 120-degree beam pattern.
Audio/Alarm Broadcast
A speaker module is a valuable addition, providing a way to remotely deliver announcements to the surveillance field.  This module can also be used to provide sirens or alerts to notify bystanders of impending threats or dangers. The speaker has an efficient, compact design yet offers premium sound quality with heat-resistant capabilities to ensure it can continue operating and communicating important messages through volatile, high-heat environments.
Continuous 360° Pan

Several of our camera models provide continuous 360-degree pan capabilities. The Model 7 offers continuous pan within its protective dome housing, while the Signature Series Cameras, mounted on either a traditional pan module or our advanced Smart Pole System, utilizes complete pan functionality for area surveillance.
Customizable Height
Our modular pole design allows for customized product height. For higher height applications additional pole modules and accompanying stability anchors can be added to the core system modules.
Day & Night Function
With an automatic “Day & Night” function, our cameras can operate successfully in a minimum illumination environment. As the scene darkens, the infrared cut filter is automatically disabled and the camera switches to night vision mode where the near-infrared sensitivity increases.

Digital Image Stabilizer
The image stabilizer function minimizes the appearance of shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration and maintains a normal horizontal resolution. The stabilization algorithm is activated automatically with zoom, where the slightest mechanical movement can introduce picture shake. This function is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.

Dual Decoder
To provide the highest level of forensic integrity, select products are available with dual decoder functionality. The dual decoder helps combat surveillance integrity through tampering or vandalism attempts by storing surveillance data twice. Data is sent through the network to the control room and also stored locally as a backup in the event of network failure or tampering.

Dual Output
To aid in system compatibility, this camera features both analog and IP output connectivity. Through the respective ports data can be sent from the camera via coaxial cables or optical fiber, or over an IP network.

EMCCD Camera
The ultra-sensitive electron multiplying charge coupled device (EMCCD) camera offers outstanding target recognition and identification capabilities by delivering crisp images in a diverse range of lighting levels. EMCCD technology combines thermoelectric cooling to reduce the effect of dark current noise and DSP technology for superior digital noise reduction.

External Optics Compatible
For specialized, long-distance surveillance imaging select camera models are compatible with 3rd party optics such as external lenses and filters.

Frame Rate
Our cameras provide both National Television System Committee (NTSC) and Phase Alternating Line (PAL) resolution standards, offering compatibility almost anywhere in the world.

Future Proof
Our product systems are designed for longevity and technological growth. When new technologies call for upgrades or replacements, our systems allow for isolated component replacement, which saves customers the cost and logistical burden of replacing an entire system.

Grid Power
For direct integration into traditional grid power, our systems are dual voltage (110/120V to 220/240V) compatible.
High Definition
Our cameras offer exceptional image quality in HD resolution. With up to 30x optical zoom we deliver full HD resolution of 1920x1080p at 30 frames per second. Images are further enhanced through digital image stabilization and true wide dynamic range (WDR) processing for high contrast environments.

Illumination Sensitivity
Due to its high shutter speed, the camera works within a minimum illumination range of 1.4 lux at 1/50s shutter speed up to 0.01 lux at 1/4s shutter speed with ICR on, allowing the camera to offer visibility in dark lighting conditions.

Image Format
Our cameras support H.264 compression, providing clear moving images over IP networks. The high H.264 compression algorithm works with half of the bit rate of previous compression algorithms, with a controllable bit rate up to 5Mbs, even on limited bandwidth networks.

Integrated Optical Fiber
Upon request, an optical fiber connector can be integrated into the camera. An integrated optical fiber facilitates the direct connection to the fiber cable, eliminating the need for an extra junction box, and can extend the range up to 20 km.

Internal Battery
The larger ruggedized housing of the BUMA Heavy Duty allows for independent and rechargeable internal battery power for the camera core.  The internal battery provides backup power to the camera head in the event of power loss and ensuring uninterrupted 24-hour surveillance.

IP Output
These cameras have all the advantages and flexibility of an IP Network, allowing flexible connectivity through network cables, optical fiber cables, or wireless systems. We provide customers with several installation options, depending on their requirements and the layout of the installation site.

Cameras incorporating our newly designed carbon fiber housing integrate the benefits of lightweight carbon fiber.  Without compromising durability or sacrificing protection, the lightweight carbon fiber design lessens the weight burden placed on mounts and motorized components and thus extends the life of these components.
Local Storage
For increased surveillance data processing capabilities, this camera incorporates local storage. Our cameras are equipped to continuously record and store security footage for one month in addition to broadcasting it to directly to the command center. This feature allows our unique camera system to bridge network failure and creates a secondary storage source that is immune from the risks of data tampering or damage from WiFi transmissions or command center interference. Our local storage capabilities also provide a tremendous aid for forensic work and data security.
Long Range Night Vision
To further enhance nighttime surveillance capabilities of our BUMA Modular we offer an IR laser illuminator module. For low-light applications, power to the illuminator is activated by a built-in light sensor. The IR laser illuminator is optimally paired with our standard camera core modules for a complete surveillance solution in any lighting condition.
Modular Freedom
Single solution products no longer fit the varying and dynamic demands of the security industry. For maximum flexibility, customized solutions and efficient technological upgrades, we have based all of our product systems on a modular principle and design.

Off Grid Compatible
The use of highly efficient, flexibly designed solar panels and wind turbines makes off-grid solutions available for many different types of terrains and weather conditions. To further ensure uninterrupted surveillance, each power station is equipped with internal batteries to bridge any lapse in power. The batteries are rechargeable, can provide up to 48 hours of power, and have a lifespan of three to five years.

For complete, simultaneous, 360-degree field surveillance we offer several Smart Perimeter System Panorama Modules.  Four modules provide generalized area surveillance, covering all ground angles surrounding the pole mount.  Optional targeted head modules can be integrated into the pole system to provide more advanced and higher resolution features for targeted area focus.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capability
Our cameras can offer pan/tilt/zoom features. Each model offers a 360˚ continuous pan angle and tilt angles are designed to allow the user to monitor a wider viewing area. Cameras paired with pan and tilt capabilities also feature superior zoom functionality. The 5 Series features a tilt angle from +20˚ to – 70˚, the 7 Series features an auto flip tilt angle from 0˚ to 180˚, and the BUMA cameras feature a tilt angle from 10˚ to -45˚.

Plug and Play
To facilitate easy installation and maximize compatibility between system modules, we have chosen to incorporate plug and play technology. Modules featuring this design can be 'plugged' in directly for immediate operation as well as replaced quickly for future system upgrades.

Power Over Ethernet Connection
Each camera in our product portfolio offers power over Ethernet (PoE). Through a single Ethernet cable the camera is able to receive both power and data connectivity, reducing the cabling infrastructure requirements and streamlining the security network. The camera can also act as a powered device (PD) to supply power over Ethernet to other devices.

Quick Install
The modular, flexible design of our products facilitates quick installation with minimal civil works. Our portable, off-grid products completely remove the requirements for civil works or existing infrastructures, which make them ideal for mobile, temporary or special event security.

Renewable Energy Compatible
Our stand-alone camera systems are optimal for remote, undeveloped locations. Efficient power consumption by our cameras allows easy and autonomous integration of green technologies such as solar and wind power. We have entirely removed any requirements for connection to a power grid or related utility power as well as the need for civil works for installation, integration, or compatibility.

Our systems are designed for optimal functionality in remote, off-grid and extreme environments. Component ruggedization includes specially coated internal electronics to withstand movement and shocks. Our systems are further protected by our heavy duty housing, which provides maximum durability, longevity and flawless performance in any environment.

Short Range Night Vision
An external IR illuminator is used to provide clear night vision images and extends the night vision range up to 300 meters.

SD/HD Camera
All of our camera modules are available with either SD or HD camera cores. Our SD cameras offer exceptional image quality adn are available with 18x, 26x, or 40x zoom. For detailed or high contrast environment surveillance, the HD cameras deliver full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p at 30 frames per second. The HD cores are available with up to 30x optical zoom and are further enhanced through digital image stabilization adn true wide dynamic range (WDR) processing.

Standard Definition
Our standard definition (SD) cameras offer exceptional image quality of a resolution of 1200 TVL and pixel aspect ratios of 704x576 and 704x480 for PAL and NTSC respectively. The SD cameras are available with 10x, 18x, or 36x zoom.

Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal imaging cameras offer image penetration through smoke, dust, and water vapor in addition to providing clear images at near or mid-range distances in full darkness. Our thermal camera has a 384 x 288 pixel uncooled detector and uses image a detail enhancement (IDE) algorithm to enhance low contrast targets in high dynamic range scenes.
Thermal Night Vision
We proudly offer today's most advanced thermal imaging technologies. The thermal imager collects heat signatures of all approaching targets and allows for detailed environment detection and monitoring at 0 lux.

Two-Way Audio
Two-way audio enables the camera to both transmit audio information to a PC monitoring the camera and receive audio information sent from the command center. A single channel MIC in or line input facilitates audio input, and a single channel RCA linear output interface facilitates output.

Ultra High Definition
We are pleased to announce our BUMA, and BUMA Modular cameras will soon be available with an ultra high definition (UHD) core. Bringing our customers the latest in video imaging technology, the UHD camera provides superior surveillance imaging and boasts a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

Wide Dynamic Range
These cameras are capable of backlight compensation, which improves the video dynamic range of the camera by 128 times. The camera captures the same image twice, first with normal shutter speed and then with a high shutter speed. The two images are then processed and combined into one clear image using an advanced DSP LSI, producing a final product with clear images and visible detail even in extremely high contrast environments.

WiFi Connectivity

Several of our cameras offer WiFi connectivity conforming to IEEE 802.11 industry standards.

WiFi Hotspot
In response to increasing use and reliance on wireless technology, we incorporate a WiFi access point/extender directly into our product. This creates a discrete solution for the extension and broadcasting of commercial and company networks.