The Security Of Everything

Our Modular Concept

Creating and maintaining a secure environment is a steep challenge. At the core, this challenge includes keeping up with technology in an era of unprecedented technological advancements, financing security infrastructures amidst global economic conservatism, and adequately preparing for threats that are becoming more unpredictable and carry the potential for more extreme devastation. m_PAC recognizes these challenges and has taken them into consideration in the development of each product.

The core capabilities and design features of each of m_PAC's products have been adapted to allow for a product solution with a wholly modular design. A completely modular format puts the customer in control, giving them the power to build a completely customized solution - module by module. Customers are given the power to focus on achieving a solution, not just settling for a product. Customers are provided options from which they can select the surveillance capabilities of their system, including: housing material; system height; means of data communication; power sourcing (from both on- and off-grid options); and power management (customized battery options for on-, off-, and hybrid-grid systems). m_PAC works with each of its customers to tailor a security system that meets their precise needs, modifying products and offerings when applicable. 

By maintaining a modular design, m_PAC's product systems are designed for longevity and technological growth. Customers wishing to make future upgrades or modify components are no longer burdened with the costs of replacing an entire system. Instead, specific components can be replaced or adjusted to save customers time and money, while enabling them to achieve and maintain the highest levels of security.

System modularity also makes it possible to offer affordable upgrade programs to customers that target specific modules and require minimal operational downtime. Incorporated into a service plan, an upgrade program would offer periodic technology upgrades - similar to the way many people upgrade mobile phones - for core modules in areas of rapid technological growth such as imaging sensors or data processing and storage. An upgrade program helps customers stay at the forefront of technology and within budget.