The Security Of Everything

Our Materials

m_PAC believes in security through innovation and design. Delivering superior security and surveillance products requires more than just using competitive internal components; the product as a whole must be superior. For this reason, m_PAC incorporates the latest in materials technology so that the product components remain protected and can effectively deliver the advanced technology contained within.

A standard feature of all indoor cameras is a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66, ensuring protection from airborne particles and liquids. The outdoor cameras and power systems are available in anodized aluminum housing with a minimum IP67 rating. For heavy duty, ruggedized protection, a Heavy Duty system provides an IP68 rating with protection from solid particles, water, and extreme weather conditions, and an IK10 rating for protection against external mechanical impact. 

In addition to anodized aluminum, the Smart Pole System (SPS) is available in lightweight carbon fiber – a security industry first. The unique properties and comparative advantages of carbon fiber make it a preferred material across a number of industrial applications. When treated and cured, the carbon fiber fabric transforms into an extremely durable, lightweight, and rigid material, featuring very high strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios, is significantly lighter than steel and aluminum, and is among the most corrosion resistant materials available. The weight savings also lessens the burden placed on mounts and motorized components, and aids in system installation, trans­portation and system mobility. For seamless environmental integration and system longevity, the SPS is offered with pixelated camouflage or customized color patterns.

m_PAC also offer another composite, Kevlar, in its materials portfolio. As an added layer of protection in areas of conflict and/or civil unrest, the Heavy Duty BUMA head module features composite inlays and specialized glass for a ballistic and blast resistant system. Kevlar provides durable and ballistic resistant housing without any interference with electronic component communications. m_PAC makes it possible to secure the most sensitive targets and the most remote, inhospitable environments. 

In a sleek design, m_PAC incorporates the latest in materials technology to ensure products operate without interruption and are defended against weather, environmental hazards and extreme conditions. m_PAC continues to explore new tech­nologies, material applications, and designs for functionally superior protection and performance.