The Security Of Everything

Our History

m_PAC is proud to trace its roots back to the well-known German company MEOS (Mechanical Electronic and Optical Systems AG), which, since 1991, has focused on laser systems and photonics. MEOS specialized in electronic and optical systems for use in industrial training and educational equipment for universities. After having established itself as a leader in photonics, lasers, and electronics, MEOS began exploring additional applications for its technology and ways to diversify its range of products. In 2000, MEOS officially entered the security market with the introduction of its own line of security cameras.

The development and design teams at MEOS applied the same level of detail and perfection to their line of security cameras as they did to their educational equipment. From even these first days, the MEOS-Security team recognized that to be truly successful they must work closely with their customers to create products that are efficient and directly meet their customers’ needs. This strategy has been followed ever since.

After MEOS-Security became a self-sufficient division of MEOS and established a niche in the security industry, the decision was made to separate education and security.  In 2009, m_PAC AG was born. m_PAC has established itself as a leading producer of security and surveillance solutions worldwide. Our team of experts provides a full range of security technologies and services for a wide range of applications including national security, borders and ports, traffic, transportation, long-range and off-grid surveillance, and public safety.

In 2012, m_PAC USA opened its door for business to further stretch the reach of m_PAC’s unique product line. Our team continues to grow and we remain committed to offering the most advanced and specialized security products available.