The Security Of Everything

Our Company

m_PAC is a comprehensive security and surveillance solution provider, specializing in technologically advanced products and unique modular off-grid systems. 

m_PAC has built its foundation upon state-of-the-art technology and delivering individualized solutions. m_PAC is focused on providing advanced solutions in a compact and easy to use design. In response to voids in the safety, security, and surveillance markets, m_PAC has undertaken the development of a new dimension of products with broader solutions and customized applicability. 

m_PAC's distinguishing focus is in taking a modular, solution based approach instead of a product based approach. Instead of approaching the industry with a standard 'make it fit' attitude, m_PAC considers what information teh customer needs the product to provide, what capabilities the product must be able to deliver, and how this can be most efficiently and effectively provided to the customer. m_PAC believes that the more information the customer has available, and the more advanced the capabilities of the products being used, the better the customer is able to do their job to promote safety and security. 

Following this pursuit, m_PAC has created a broad range of highly advanced indoor and outdoor IP cameras, complete outdoor stand-alone surveillance systems, and off-grid power systems. Each product adheres to a modular philosophy with customer-centric, customizable designs and sleek, high-tech components. 

m_PAC's team is comprised of carefully selected specialists from all areas including development, engineering, and management to build not only a strong team, but to provide our customers with strong products. We cooperate closely with each of our specialists in order to incorporate the latest technologies and offer a holistic interdisciplinary approach to our security solutions. We promise to deliver premium surveillance products and to provide our customers with the best service possible.