The Security Of Everything

Transportation and Traffic

Two primary and often interconnected focuses for any city or town are public safety and maintaining an efficient flow of transportation. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are valuable as traffic and roadway cameras to monitoring flow and conditions, which can then be passed along to the public. Crime and anti-social behavior can also be drastically reduced or deterred through the surveillance of public transportation.

The m_PAC product line contains several solutions ideal for traffic applications and use in train stations, airports, and ports. The additional features included in m_PAC's closed circuit network (CCN) design, such as sound, alarms, and data transmission, expand the capabilities of traditional CCTV networks. Outdoor cameras also feature long-range and detailed imaging capabilities for use with larger surveillance fields such as ports, train tracks, and air fields, and offer several different mounting options. m_PAC's systems require minimal - if any - civil worksWithout having to rely on the compatibility of existing infrastructures or requiring cumbersome and costly planning, installation, and civil works expenses, m_PAC's systems facilitate quick and cost effective solutions. All systems are also capable of operating entirely off-grid, which makes them an attractive solution for long distance coverage along roadways and tracks.