The Security Of Everything

Remote and Off-Grid Locations

Remote or harsh environments, areas with limited or unreliable power infrastructures, and places where full-time staffing is not feasible or efficient present unique challenges for security and surveillance planning. Many such locations are sensitive targets, yet remain inadequately protected due to financial, product, or operational limitations.

m_PAC offers several products that excel in remote and off-grid locations and provide valuable solutions for an unmet need. The SPS is available as a completely off-grid mobile security system with fully integrated alternative energy for absolute flexibility. The off-grid SPS does not depend on any existing infrastructure, and removes the requirement for civil works prior to installation, which provides an unparalleled advantage in securing challenging long-range targets and those in remote or off-grid locations. Mobile base options provide absolute flexibility in location site and systems can be moved at a moment's notice. The SPS in available with full 4K and day and night imaging, integrated communication systems, IP68 and IK10 housing, an an efficient H.264 compression stream. An external IR illuminator or thermal camera can be integrated for increased nighttime surveillance capabilities. The SPS is also available in carbon fiber housing, making the system lighter and helping to minimize maintenance requirements.