The Security Of Everything

Public Safety

Securing and monitoring public spaces is a great responsibility of any government or organization. Safeguarding the public without infringing on its freedom is invaluable. As history has shown, any public space or facility can be a target. Office buildings, prisons, schools, museums, courthouses, healthcare facilities and parks – each of these facilities is a potentially vulnerable location and requires protection. Commercial and residential real estate sites, and even construction sites in the earliest planning stages, have become increasingly vulnerable to threats of theft, vandalism, or attack. The level of perceived as well as actual safety at all these facilities contributes to public safety, feelings of security, and even higher property values. Such diverse range of security and safety requirements across these different settings can be challenging and requires an optimized and tailored security approach.

The depth of the m_PAC product line extends beyond borders and remote locations; customization capabilities enable optimized security solutions for almost any setting. m_PAC solutions are designed to provide superior surveillance capabilities for public safety, while respecting the customers' privacy and freedoms. m_PAC believes that security does not have to be intimidating or obtrusive. Product solutions can be seamlessly blended into existing structures for both simplified installations and low-profile mounting. m_PAC promises to assist its customers in creating a security solution that precisely meets their security goals, made up of the best security tools available.