The Security Of Everything

National Security and Sensitive Targets

The security of governmental facilities, high-profile locations, and sensitive targets is vital for the stability of a country. Hard and soft targets are, at times, equally vulnerable and need to be protected simultaneously. Identifying potential security hazards and removing them in a safe and timely manner can often mean the difference between life and death.

Utilizing modern security technology has become an integral part of protecting the public and securing national interests. The most important key, however, is a clear understanding of the technology available and capitalizing its capabilities. Sensitive targets and national security interests require highly advanced security solutions that are perfectly optimized and compliant with government regulations.

m_PAC's products incorporate the latest technology in imaging, product housing protection, data transfer and communication, and in-field information gathering. Advanced camera systems provide the ability to closely monitor surroundings with crisp images in any lighting condition across a broad range of installation sights. Beyond imaging, the SPS serves as an information gathering system to deliver comprehensive environmental information. m_PAC is determined to offer security personnel the best tools available and work with them on custom solutions for any specialized needs.