The Security Of Everything

Energy Infrastructures and Pipelines

As limited natural resources are steadily drained and our demand for power continues to rise, energy infrastructures are becoming increasingly important assets. Within the past decade, the threat of terrorism and sabotage has increased the demand for heightened security measures at energy infrastructure locations. In addition, as we have seen with Fukushima, industrial accidents, whether through human error or natural disaster, pose a severe hazard for maintaining uninterrupted service, employee safety, and environmental care.

Environmental constraints, political, military, financial, and regulatory concerns are important considerations in the safe and secure operations of energy infrastructure and facilities, both on- and off-shore. The energy sector requires unique, flexible and durable security solutions. For example, ensuring the unhindered supply of oil, gas, and electricity often means safeguarding pipelines and electricity networks across vast territories and in remote locations.

m_PAC  specializes in state-of-the-art monitoring systems, such as the SPS, which integrates a wide range of sensors including a full spectrum of gasses, hazardous materials, radiation, motion and intrusion detection, nighttime imaging, and weather. The SPS is ideal for safeguarding energy infrastructures, sensitive targets and key infrastructure installations such as energy grids, nuclear facilities, and oil and gas pipelines. m_PAC's products are designed to require minimal civil works and installation costs, and are comprised of durable, protective materials. As an additional advantage, m_PAC's systems can be powered entirely off-grid by alternative energy sources, making them independent from the energy infrastructures they are protecting and thus not subject to interruption in the event of an incident.