The Security Of Everything

Borders and Checkpoints

A priority for national security and high atop the security agenda of most nations is providing thorough and effective security at international borders, ports, coastal areas, and other entry points. Establishing and maintaining proper border and checkpoint control systems is an important factor to minimize threats and each of these areas requires heightened security measures.

Security personnel at points of entry have a tremendous responsibility to monitor and maintain safety at checkpoints, border crossings, international airports, seaports, and the immense, unmanned stretches between locations.  This includes preventing the smuggle of illegal goods such as drugs or weapons, minimizing illegal immigration and detecting threats to national security.

m_PAC products and security solutions offer the sophistication and capability to meet the heightened and often specialized security needs required to keep borders and points of entry safe. m_PAC's products incorporate the latest technology in imaging, product housing protection, data transfer and communication, and in-field information gathering. When security personnel feel safe and have access to adequate tools, they are able to do their job better and thereby increase the level of safety and security at these locations.